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atari2600land's Blog - Bubba's Buck Blastin' recovered


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So the PC that had Bubba's Buck Blastin' on it died. Luckily I made a copy for myself in case that happened. A couple people wanted it, so I tried to get it off the disc and on to the new(er) PC, but it kept stalling at about 20% ripped and it said it was done. Well, several frustrated attempts later, it finally ripped the entire thing. I had used Handbrake. So then I had to make a new menu for it. That also was hard since the software I use to make DVDs with is user-unfriendly. But I had done it. Bubba's Buck Blastin' restored, albeit with a new menu.

If you have the original one I made, consider it a collector's item since not many were made. Less than 10 or so. Not many people use their ActionMaxs. Oh well, I thought it was a good idea. Put so many targets on the screen it would be impossible to memorize them all and it would be a good thing to play whenever the mood strikes. But apparently people seem to dislike tech I like and therefore it gets cancelled. Like the N-Gage. Or the game.com. Or the Didj.

So anyway, now you can get Bubba's Buck Blastin' again. PM me if you're interested in either it and/or Snowman's Land. I mailed a few out yesterday. So I guess there are still people out there that like the ActionMax.

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