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Original Fairchild Channel F Console Box


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Wow... I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put this original channel F console back into it's box. This is the original box with the rainbow colors and people on front, includes the two Styrofoam pieces and has the built-in cardboard holder to hold... something. LOL That attached cardboard separator is obviously for the RF cable, the controllers and power adapter. But HOW?!?!? Help!


The outside of the box looks like this (generic image):




The inside looks like this (generic image):



The person that owns that one just mashed the cardboard and laid the power adapter and cables on top. I'd rather put it all back like it was intended.


I was able to figure out that there is a way to run the controller cables under the console to avoid pinching the cables between the box and Styrofoam. Pretty neat design, really. But I'm at a loss related to the RF cable, the controllers themselves, and the power supply.


Any help appreciated.



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Do you have a picture of a not-mashed cardboard insert? I'm not familiar with the channel F box, but I've reboxed many a display kitchen gadget at work, so I have some experience in figuring out random cardboard.



Here are a few pictures of my un-smooshed box:









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You know, from what I can tell, this box was never meant to store the unit in. It is as if it was designed to keep the unit safe until it arrived at someone's home and then it should be discarded. I say this because of the way it seems that the stuff must be placed in the box and the delicate nature of the box, cardboard inserts, etc., and the level of difficulty and gymnastics it appears to take to get it all back in the box as it was shipped. It is not conducive to putting the thing back in the box when you are done with it.

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Before the 1980's, and even 1990's, cardboard boxes were indeed only meant for shipping, not for storing back.

Up to the 1970's electronics were sold in brown cardboard boxes, with only the name of the product and maybe a crude artwork printed on; mostly because there would be one item on display and you'd ask for a seller to get it for you.

Getting the item from the shelves and bringing it to the cashier is a late 70's/early 80's thing, and with it, the laminated, glossy, color-printed boxes we know were born... but it would still take some time for the idea of people resuing them to come to the manufacturers.

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I saw this thread because it was bumped. I also have a Channel F box in the same situation, so clearly it's a "normal" way to find the box. I think i was even worse to begin with since some cartridges were in it, but those got moved into an 8-track storage bucket. Or maybe the cartridges were in the box to the other version of the console.

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