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Handbooks/disks from Jane M. Voskamp


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In 2016 when I visited the Adelaide Retro-Computing Event in Australia, I met Jane M. Voskamp (Jones), veteran Commodore programmer and writer. Having seen her articles in Loadstar and the LUCKI Report a long time ago, I was pleased to meet such as affable lady. To my surprise, she also brought her 1994 publications which were still for sale. With the limited amount of Australian dollars I had, I bought 4 of her booklets, all produced on Commodores with the use of the Write Stuff 128 word processor, GEOS 128, and a Commodore MPS-1250 printer. The booklets were GEOS in Review - Reviewing GEOS Authors Programs, the Handbook of Commodore Disks, the Handbook of the Commodore 64, and the Handbook of the Commodore 128.

I find that the Handbook of the Commodore 128 is an introduction to programming on the C128. As a sample of what to expect, the 45-page, A4-sized booklet is divided into the following chapters:




Who Means What


Built-in Sprite Designer

Disk Commands

Base Conversion Tutorial

BASIC 7.0 Memory Usage

Start & End of BASIC 7.0

Dynamic Keyboard Technique

VIC-II Chip 40 Columns

VDC Chip 80 Columns

Boolean Logic Operators

Flags & Monitors - What They Mean

Monitor Utility - How to Use It

Assembly Language Mnemonics

Addressing Modes

Assembly Language Introduction

CP/M - Introduction

Complete Text Memory Maps

Bibliography, Users Groups, etc.


The price of the Handbook of Commodore 128 was $15 AUD, but she gave me a discount for buying 4 booklets.

Her other available products were:


Profile.80 Plus Mod3 -- A C128, 80-column disk utility for creating/collecting auto-booting disks


Card Art Series - disk of geoPaint files with which to make greeting cards

Card Art Series II - disk of geoPaint files with which to make greeting cards

Border Series - disk of geoPaint "Border" files

Clip Art series - several disks of geoPaint images


The World of GEOS Handbook, including The World of GEOS disk

The World of GEOS Handbook II

The World of GEOS Handbook III

GEOS Unplugged I (handbook)

GEOS Unplugged II (handbook)

GEOS Unplugged III (handbook)

GEOS Unplugged IV (handbook)

GEOS Unplugged V (handbook)


She can be contacted via Facebook or through her business address - JMV Grafix, P.O. Box 635, Enfield Plaza, 5005, South Australia. Phone - (08) 8 260 4062.


Happy New Year!

Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group


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