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So I made some changes to Ten Pest. First I made it so it says "WAVE 1" at the beginning. You start play by pressing A. Code was put in to make sure you don't fire a missile when pressing A to start each wave. Second, after testing on a real Game Boy, I discovered the game stopped working once 10,000 points was reached. I am a lot better at this game on a real Game Boy than I am with an emulator. So I looked through the code, saw the problem, and fixed it.

Next, I was able to put the score on the title screen. I figured if other text was there, why wouldn't I had been able to before? Since I solved the text on title screen problem, then it should work as well. Also, once wave 10 is reached, wave 10 is the final wave and the game won't pause to tell you any more waves.

So what to do next? I doubt I will increase the ufos' speed since it takes a while to get from one side of the screen to the other. So for now I am just going to periodically play and see if I run into any more bugs when I do. I am also going to start a thread on a Game Boy programmers' forum and ask for feedback on the game.

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