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Batari Basic a Self Teaching Guide Book? Does anyone else want one?

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Ok so I dont know if Im in the minority, but whenever I tried to learn batari basic I find them a tad confusing, like whenever i attempt to make something I just dont understand enough to make anything...

But you know what I did understand,


Atari Basic A Self Teaching Guide:




One of the things that Random Terrain recommended that I look at before I tried Batari Basic. While I didn't understand BATARI Basic I feel like I under stand ATARI Basic very well. It felt kind a fun with the examples and with the practice in the book it helped really pound in the language and how to actually use it. Am I only one who thinks that Batari Basic could use this self teaching guide treatment as well?


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It probably could :-D


RandomTerrain has done great work keeping the batari BASIC mojo working! But his approach to writing and documenting tends to throw a lot at people all at once, with a lot of side notes that are important, but overwhelming until the basics (no pun intended) are absorbed


Making it worse is that batari BASIC is flakey and complicated, because programming the Atari 2600 does a lot less for you.


If you want some REALLY amazing "how to program atari home computer books", go to http://www.atarimania.com/documents-atari-400-800-xl-xe-books_1_8.htmland look at either of the "Dr. C. Wacko" books. I looooved those when I was a kid.

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