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Just imagine yoshi safari for nes


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It may sounds crazy to imagine yoshi safari on nes since the nes lacks mode 7 and uses light detection on a frame bases rather then lines based as on snes.


But i was thinking we can use line scrolling to resemble mode 7 and use multiple sprites to fake sprite scaling.


The lightgun zapper should detect targets on a frame bases trough white squares rather then on a line bases to save proccesing power and to get around these limitations.


And if we could convert those snes samples into 1bit dpcm samples to run on the nes, we can preserve and make it as close as possible to the snes.


Now if memory space becomes an issues well theres the mmc5 chip to allow 1MB of data unlike the mmc3 chip wich has a memory restriction of 512KB.


Also since the mmc5 chip is an powerful proccesor,it can help the serve nes to deal with bigger and more sprites onscreen or use tile updates with collision detection to resemble sprites.


And it would be cool to have a 2 player option as well to let player 1 use the controller to steer yoshi while player 2 shoots on sprites with th zapper.


And if we could recolor the stage select screen to fit withing the nes colorpallet while still be able to use the lightgun to select a stage rather then using a controller, that would be great.


And it would be cool to have a battery save feature or password system sothat you can rederm your game were you were left off.


Its a shame that even the snes version of yoshi safari lacks a save feature since a save feature was pretty common in the snes days.

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