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New game released: Jack the Nipper


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Happy New Year!

The classic game Jack the Nipper published by Gremlin Graphics and released in 1986 is now available for the Atari 8-bit.

The game has been ported from the ZX Spectrum with music and sound effects being ported from the Amstrad CPC version of the game.

The character of Jack the Nipper is loosely based on the British comic strip character Sweeny Toddler.

Jack the Nipper is a side-view flip screen game with puzzle solving and platform elements. The player controls Jack, a naughty child who wants to break the record for naughtiness (recorded on the "naughtyometer"). He needs to carry out various wicked pranks on the unsuspecting inhabitants of his town, but if he comes into contact with angry adults he will be spanked. With each spanking his "nappy rash" (diaper rash) meter increases, and if it grows too high Jack loses a life. Contact with the monsters and ghosts which inhabit the town will also increase the nappy rash.


Jack was tired of all the wimps in his town, their boring games and goody goody ways sent him to sleep. So, Jack being of a rather naughty disposition set about livening things up a bit, he picked up his trusty pea-shooter and scarpered off to cause some trouble.

This is where you come in to take on the role of Jack and use your imagination to be as naughty as possible doing the things you always wanted to do but dare not (YOU WIMP!!). Jump on things, pick them up and drop them, use your pea-shooter to create smashing effects and toot your horn at the cat.

Use the items you pick up wisely then you must work out where you have to drop them to cause ultimate havoc. For instance what could you do with a tube of glue?


Joystick Left / Right / Up / Down & Fire. (Fire & Up - Jump)

Keyboard 1 & 2 - Pick Up/Drop
ENTER - Enter Door
H - Pause On/Off
M - Toggle in-game music on/off
Q - Quit

Some of the useful Items:

Flower Killer Horn Fertiliser Soap Powder Battery Weight Glue Floppy Disc Credit Card Bomb Key Potty Clay

Both Mariusz and myself have worked on the game for the past few months preparing this release for the end of 2017. A considerable amount of time has been spent rewriting the sprite / screen engine for a significant increase in gameplay performance compared to the other platform releases.

There will be an additional 128Kb version of the game prepared in the new year utilising the additional 64Kb of RAM for pre-shifted/mirrored sprite cache. This should give a further performance boost for users with extra RAM.

The executable is attached which should work on all DOS versions, loaders and modern storage solutions. A standard DOS 2.5 disk image containing the executable is also attached.

The game requires 64Kb of RAM supporting both PAL and NTSC systems and running on CPU accelerators.

Credits for Atari version: Mariusz Wojcieszek, Terrence Derby








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What a cute game. Especially like it, because of my 2 years old little toddler :)


While tinkering with the game I have a nice Wiki website covering the C64 version of the game. It's a nice resource of background infos to the game.

Unfortunately german language only.




thanks Mariusz & Terrence! You guys ported an amazing game to the 8bit atari!!!

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since the game is ported, we can visit the World of Spectrum at www.worldofspectrum.org or some nice C64 page, like e.g. www.c64games.de to find manuals and solutions.


While World of Spectrum provides several manuals and dozens of maps, I could not find a solution there - whereas at C64games we get both a manual package (ZIP includes manual+solution+tape covers) and a solution package (Lösung which is german for solution includes the manual+solution + half a dozen of maps). The fine thing is that both webpages (even the german one!) do have them in english language......

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Thanks for all the positive comments, here as promised is the v1.1 final release. The attached single executable works on both 64KB and 128KB+ systems. When 128KB+ RAM is not detected, the game behaves exactly like previous release. When 128KB+ RAM is detected however, sprite rendering routines now call the sprite cache manager. Cache manager creates a preshifted/mirrored copy of the sprite and returns it for sprite rendering providing an increase in performance. Scenes that had multiple sprites at the maximum size and height are now in keeping with the rest of the game performing without the slight slowdown in the 64K version. I've added a small indication on the bottom of the title screen to confirm when 128kb+ has been detected. Thanks to Mariusz for the work implementing the cache manager. Whilst preparing this final release, I have now also animated the overlay on the title screen to go with the animated "JACK THE NIPPER" text, it was a bit lame having a static overlay there in the previous release :)




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Still waiting for Mark to port Elite ;)

Not for much longer :)


If it was a C64 porting idea then just 4 words...Monty on the Run...

Yes, one on a long list of titles with interest in bringing to the Atari eventually. I did look at the original Monty Mole actually but the follow up Monty on the run is more refined. The author of Monty Peter Harrap a resident programmer at Gremlin Graphics gave some pointers to the author of Jack the Nipper with regard to sprite implementation. He also created the loading picture :)


Myth would be pretty darn tastey too!

I've looked a lot at Myth a few years ago. I've already created the intro but no work at all on the actual game so far other than studying the c64 version. With other projects in planning or on the go I'll hopefully get back to looking at Myth.

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