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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2018)

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Play games (from 21st+-century systems) and post your times!

Welcome to the first annual Modern Gameplay Tracker!! We all know and love the Classic Gameplay Tracker but we haven’t had a way to track our modern games … Until now :)

So what is this?

The basic idea is to post what games you played during each week, and for how long. You don't have to time it down to the minute (though some of us do), and estimates are acceptable. Then, at the end of the week, the statskeeper (that's me) totals everything up and we find out which games and platforms are seeing the most action.

Each week, we have top 10 lists for consoles/computers and for individual games.


1. Be sure to list the system, the name of the game, and the length of time you play. Please note if the game has any alternate titles by which it's better known. If you list multiple games, please group them by platform. If you play on a backwards-compatible system, e.g. Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One or PS2 games on PS3, the game should be listed under the older platform's name. This also means that games predating 2000 played on a modern system should be posted in the classic games tracker. e.g. PS1 games played on PS2, GB/GBC games played on GBA, Wonderswan played on Wonderswan Color and so forth.

2. Each week runs Monday through Sunday (at midnight), except the first and last week of the year. The deadline for posting stats is 3:00 PM (EST) on Mondays to allow for different time zones. I may accept times posted after the deadline. If you post late on Monday, please make it clear that you're posting last week's times.

3. Playing on actual hardware is preferred, although emulators are certainly allowed. In some cases (homebrews in development, rare arcade games) there's no alternative to using an emulator.

4. Our cutoff year is 2000. That is, eligible consoles and computers have to have been released (in the US) After 2000. Basically any systems released around the PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance or after. Anything released before this time period (including the Sega Dreamcast) please post to the Classic Game Tracker :)

The same goes for computers: we count Windows XP or newer, but not 98 or older; Mac OS X or newer, but not OS 9 or older; and so on.

5. Arcade games released on or after January 1, 2000 are permitted.

6. You don't just have to post a bare list of times -- comments, stories, gripes, and helpful hints are always encouraged! If you're struggling with a level, got a new high score, or have some thoughts about what's great or what stinks about a particular game...well, that's the kind of stuff that makes this fun to read.

How to make the statskeeper's life easier:

- If you post a big list of games, please consider alphabetizing them first (after grouping them by platform).

- Posting your times in minutes, rather than hours + minutes, makes things a little simpler.

- Even if you don't know the exact time, it's better to post a specific number and say it's an estimate. If you say you posted a bunch of games for "between 20 minutes and an hour", I'll just average everything out to 40 minutes, but it's much better to have a sense of which games you played more and which ones you played less.

- If there's room for confusion or ambiguity, please address that in advance so I don't have to research it myself. Non-US releases, homebrews in progress, alternate titles, and expanded re-releases can get especially tricky.

That about covers it.


(This text is adapted from the Classic Games Tracker :) Be sure to head on over there and check it out for all your Pre 2000 gaming, TheGoldenBand really does a great job at running things over there :) )

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I started it last year, but just finished Shadowrun Returns on January 2, 2018. Solid game, but a little on the short side. Would have to get into the user created modules to fully appreciate the game.

I also just bought Gunman Taco Truck by Romero Games and played it for a brief moment.

Funny game and I like what I've played so far.

Farmed some materials for gifts and weapons crafting, and played a few matches of Mayhem Clash in Destiny 2 (XB1).

Shadowrun Returns (PC): 2 hours

Gunman Taco Truck (PC): 30 minutes

Destiny 2 (XB1): 1 hour

Am I doing it right? I guess I need to update my list at the end of the week.

You can post throughout the week but like the classic tracker I believe most will wait till Sunday and post their times all at once :)

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Thank you very, very much for taking on this project Iwantgames! I'll be looking forward to sharing my times every Monday morning, since I think I'm going to end up doing a lot of gaming on the Wii and 3DS this year in addition to my usual Atari 2600/7800 High Score Club activities.


It'll be really interesting to see what sort of mix we end up with for systems being played. I wonder if it will it be mostly current generation systems or more of the early 2000's semi-retro consoles like the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and so on... only time will tell! :)

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Going out of town tomorrow, so probably won't get much more modern gaming in this week, so I'll go ahead and post what I got...


XBox 360

Bioshock Infinite - 858 minutes (This came out quite a while ago, obviously, but I just got it a couple months ago or so and just put it in to play it late last week. Well, I got hooked quick and finished the game this week. Great story, although I don't entirely understand the ending... but I loved the different mechanics of the game using Elizabeth's "tears" and the skylines and such... thinking of getting the DLC where they are in Rapture because I loved the first Bioshock, too. Never played the second one, though.)


XBox One

Forza 6 - 130 minutes (I'm almost to getting through all the races in the showcases and the career mode... there are a LOT of races to do. It's no wonder that the achievements for doing all of them are rarely achieved. For example, I'm 5% away from getting the "One for the History Books" achievement for completing "all Car Divisions, all Series, an all Showcases." It says that 0.18% of gamers unlocked this. Mainly because it it such a lengthy achievement. I'm down to the last few series, about half the endurance races (where one race can last over two hours) and a couple more that I'm waiting to be unlocked. Forza 7 is already out, but I've still got a lot of racing to do in this one.)

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Yeah, it is really good. Not as creepy as the original Bioshock... different atmosphere... but still a great environment and story. I had fun just exploring... going around a random corner down a dead end alley to find a couple kids smoking or something... just fun game. Definitely finish Bioshock, though. I ran into some issues where I died several times but was kinda stuck running out of ammo and running out of money to buy more, but the story has a great twist/ending and is so worth it. And then, at a certain part of the story in Bioshock Infinite (no spoilers) they end up in Rapture briefly and your character says something about how a city under the sea is ridiculous. lol




Add another 93 minutes to my Forza 6 time. Booted it up to look at the numbers on that achievement and ended up finishing another series. /shrug...

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Alright, here we go:


Windows 10: Thimbleweed Park: 1 hour 30 minutes


The game looks great. I really like the deliberately pixelated look. Story didn't totally catch me so far, to be honest. There are several hints characters give that point towards some seriously sinister story twists right off the bat. We'll see how that turns out.

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Xbox One

Destiny 2: 300 minutes

Haven't been keeping hardcore track of my hours this week, so I'll go conservative at 5 hours. I'm a hardcore Destiny player and have a total of 363 hrs and 16 minutes in Destiny 2.



Shadowrun Returns: 180 minutes

Finished the game this week. Solid cyberpunk/fantasy RPG. I actually backed the Kickstarter many moons ago and played it when it first came out and got about 3/4 of the way through the game and my PC died. Finally started a new game a couple of months ago and finished it off this week.


Gunman Taco Truck: 15 minutes

The first game from John Romero's new studio, Romero Games. Just downloaded it and got familiar with the game. The premise cracks me up, as there has been a series of nuclear accidents in the US and your parents who run a Taco Truck in San Diego, CA have been killed by mutants. So you have to drive your Taco Truck up to Ottawa, Canada to start a new life, fighting mutants and making tacos along the way. Will put more time into it at a later date.

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Here are my times for the past week of January 1th through 7th concerning modern games:


Android phone:

Crazy Taxi: City Rush - 81 min. in 7 sessions


Stockstream - 110 min. in 4 sessions


OK, there we are. I actually don't know if these are eligible, since this is my first week here and these platforms haven't been named by other people before, so I haven't marked any of these as being ineligible. Since this is my first week here, I'll explain the games in a bit more detail:


Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a take on the arcade game Crazy Taxi, however, unlike that one, the game is divided in smaller missions taking 2-3 minutes each, each consisting of a series of riders you have to deliver to a specific point. The taxi actually steers itself pretty much alone, you just have to change lanes by swiping left or right, and brake at your destination. This is one of many gaming apps for Android.


Stockstream is a sort-of multiplayer "game" on Twitch which you actually play through the channel's chat. The goal is turning a profit by buying and selling shares of stocks. You actually vote along with other players for which stock should be bought or sold for the common portfolio, but you'll find yourself quite often being the only voter for a stock, competing with other stocks also having one vote each, in which case one of the stocks voted for will be drawn at random. Basically you're being scored by how much profit your stocks made before they got sold again, and preferrably you should sell your own stocks, that is stocks you bought or participated in buying.

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Oh boy, there's definitely no way that the Steam Sale determined what I played which counts for this week...



7 Days to Die - 129 minutes

Clone Hero - 30 minutes

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy - 190 minutes

Farming Simulator 17 - 51 minutes

Jet Set Radio - 30 minutes

Pit People - 17 minutes

Ravenfield - 255 minutes

VVVVVV - 20 minutes


So yeah, Steam Sale means more games which means more of my life lost to the computer. If there's going to be one common theme from me, it's that the only system I use that counts here past the Switch and maybe the Xbox or Gamecube every now and then is this big box of "holy crap I spent way too much money on a graphics card but it has 24GB of VRAM so screw it" and happiness.


So 7 Days to Die... y'know, 128 of the minutes were probably spent configuring this mess. You'd think with a nice PC that even if it is early access that I could run it well, I mean a year or so and lot of versions ago when I got a totally legit copy through legal websites I had zero issues using a what was considered budget rig since it was made when all I wanted was to play Crysis on medium settings without crashing. Nowadays nah, I get maybe 45FPS when staring forward, 2 when I'm turning, and all of 3000 when I'm looking at the ground... I guess I'll just have to admire that ground.


Clone Hero is good fun, it's freeware Guitar Hero based on Unity that allows up to four players at once for great couch co-op and blowing off doing work in school - I've been working on the pain that is Soulless 4 aka a funky little chart instead of practicing actual guitar... oh well, same thing right?


EYE is just cool, I've been eyeing (ha ha) it for the longest time since I used to love Deus Ex and this looked like Deus Ex - it's kinda like Deus Ex but not exactly Deus Ex but hey it's close enough to Deus Ex that I don't care. The weapon selection is limited and AI can be frustrating since it's good, but hey it's a good bit of fun and I still have no clue what everything does.


FS17... well you pretend to do farm work. I could just go outside and do farm work but nah, that's too much work. To be completely serious I got this so a friend and I can screw around, it can be entertaining at times to imagine how much money a farm could make if you were in magical Christmas land where all your dreams come true or whatever.


Jet Set Radio, well c'mon if you don't know this one then just get it already. It's tough on PC as you need a controller or it's a pain to control anything. I've already beat it twice and am going back for anther run as it's just that much fun.


Pit People, well I tried this when I was dead tired and got really confused but I love everything else (well all of the two games) that Behemoth put out because I like the comedy and the art and the voice acting and whatnot... expect to see more of this for next week.


Ravenfield was a complete impulse buy but I'm glad I got it, imagine a polygon-filled Battlefield clone with lots of ragdoll physics and the magic that is addons via the Steam Workshop. I can make teams of 750 bots fight each-other using muskets, Bowcasters, and rocket launchers that shoot exploding cats - I can't complain apart from the fact that multiplayer would be so good on this... probably for the best that it's not there though because the guy making it is just one guy and I'd rather not see them just outright quit trying to keep multiplayer afloat while bringing new content.


Finally there's VVVVVV - I only brought this out for a quick run (not the fastest I've done but not the slowest by any means) as I ended up getting a CD of the soundtrack, PPPPPP, and figured it was appropriate. Probably once or twice a month this will come up for the 3DS, I don't know why but it's a good bit of fun to try and speedrun the 3DS version even if you can't do the some of the tricks - it's the game that I've loved for a long time and keep coming back to.


So yeah, that was a week... I really spent too much time on these, I mean I wasn't even supposed to really use a modern computer "unless needed" according to the rules of this stupid challenge I'm doing but hey, they said it was only for productivity applications and whatnot and gaming is definitely not productivity so I just hope they don't find this thread out or else I may be having to give up another $50 because the Steam Sale, except for playing games instead of buying games.

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So 7 Days to Die... y'know, 128 of the minutes were probably spent configuring this mess. You'd think with a nice PC that even if it is early access that I could run it well, I mean a year or so and lot of versions ago when I got a totally legit copy through legal websites I had zero issues using a what was considered budget rig since it was made when all I wanted was to play Crysis on medium settings without crashing. Nowadays nah, I get maybe 45FPS when staring forward, 2 when I'm turning, and all of 3000 when I'm looking at the ground... I guess I'll just have to admire that ground.

Yea I got 7 days to die on PS4 and I sold it pretty quickly. Good ideas but poor execution

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Most of my Modern Gaming has been done on the PS4 lately, I have a few other modern systems but with the VR and the abundance of games going on sale on PSN for the holidays I’ve amassed a pretty big backlog on the PS4 lol.


This week I started the new year off with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, I have to admit that I really didn’t think I was going to like this one were it diviated so much from the standard Tomb Raider formula, its more of a twin stick shooter than an action adventure game. But once I got into it, its actually quite addictive. Well worth the $5 I spent on it :)


Taking a break from Lara, I fired up the PSVR and tried out a game I bought myself for christmas off the Hong Kong store called Happy Drummer. This is a rhythm game in which you play ….. Drums! Lol. You play a cave man with a club and some poor beasties bone and you’ll swing them by using the move controllers, which makes it quite easy to control. And a floating dude in the sky sends down the beats you must try to match in order to score. I dont normally like many rhythm games but this one is quite a workout and and a lot of fun. I even had fun in freestyle mode where I could just let loose and beat out some mad tunes, or at least something that resembled a beat :P


Next up, some more Lara and Then another VR session, this time trying out the Chinese demo of a upcoming game called Kill X. A first person survival horror in which the left move controller is used to control your flashlight as well as to move (this game has a unique smooth movement control, no teleporting :) ) and the right move is used for attacking and other actions. I really hope the final game gets a US release because if its anything like this demo its gonna be one heck of a scarefest :) I actually thought I might have a heart attack at the end of the demo thats how intense that fight was :P Definitely a VR game to look out for as long as you dont mind being a bit scared lol.


Finally to help cool off after Kill X I fired up Tiny Trax, another VR title that I’ve had for awhile but not played. Obviously this one is a racing game ;) Basically your driving a r/c car in some fast paced races. Your viewpoint is fixed but you can look left and right to view all of the track as some tracks are too big to be all in view at once, and some points of the tracks can be quite far away making it a bit harder to see your racer. Overall tho this is a pretty fun racer to tide me over till the Wipeout VR update releases :)


And thats it for my Monday gameplay :)


Tuesday saw more Lara Croft Play (Completed the game but still had the 2 extra tomb from the season pass to play) as well as another run on the Kill X demo to test a spare move controller before I gave it away to a fellow VR user :) The rest of the work week was spent on a few classic titles which you can see over in the Classic Tracker.


Friday I played through one of the remaining tombs on Lara Croft, and then tried Warhammer Quest which is a ok turn based dungeon crawler but is kinda slow so far hopefully it gains some excitement soon.


Saturday I played the final Tomb of Lara Croft which was nice to get it finished but in a way I kinda wish it wasn’t over.


Finally on Sunday, due to my baby being born I obviously wasn’t home much but I did bring along my Wonderswan Color to play when the baby was sleeping or the dr had him. So I played some Judgement Silversword which is a really good shoot-em-up, and also a bit of Run = Dim Return to Earth another shoot-em-up, Golden Axe which unsuprisingly I still suck at lol, and SD Gundum: Operation UC which I didnt really take to.





Happy Drummer (VR) – 20min

Kill X Chinese Demo (VR) – 50min

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – 258min

Tiny Trax (VR) – 15min

Warhammer Quest – 45min



Wonderswan Color


Golden Axe – 6min

Judgement Silversword – 50min

SD Gundum: Operation UC – 15min

Run = Dim Return to Earth – 15min

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This week my household kicked off the new year with the biggest week in terms of overall gaming time that we've ever had with a whopping 51+ hours of gameplay! Having spent 41 of those 51 hours spent just on the newest Pokémon game it appears that playing Pokémon was my full time job this past week. :lol:


Asteroids (Atari 7800) - 31 minutes
Centipede (Atari 7800) - 25 minutes
Donkey Kong Junior (Atari 7800) - 6 minutes
Ms. Pac-Man (Atari 7800) - 13 minutes
Xevious (Atari 7800) - 19 minutes

Nintendo 3DS
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 37 minutes
Pokémon Ultra Sun - 2,478 minutes
StreetPass Mii Plaza - 12 minutes

Nintendo Wii
Sonic Colors - 453 minutes

Total Play Time This Week
3,074 minutes (51 hours 14 minutes) [2,980 minutes eligible]

Individual System Play Times This Week
Nintendo 3DS: 2,527 minutes
Nintendo Wii: 453 minutes
Atari 7800: 94 minutes

While the system and game list was pretty short this past week, the time spent on them was certainly not. The Atari 7800 got the short end of the stick with only an hour and a half or so of gameplay logged, but the misses and I still had a good time parking it on the couch for some two player fun in a few arcade classics. The overwhelming majority of my gaming time this past week though was dedicated to Pokémon Ultra Sun, which is actually the first Pokémon game that I've played since Pokémon Black on my old DS Lite many long years ago. To say that I love all the improvements they've made since then would be a massive understatement.

This newest Pokémon game feels so much more approachable and engaging in more ways than I have the space to list here. There's simple little tweaks like putting a little on screen note next to which attacks are effective, super effective, or ineffective against pokémon that you've battled before so you won't have to memorize the rather enormous attack effectiveness chart, and also major improvements that change the entire feel of the game. The new Pokémon Refresh system that allows you to feed, groom, and play with the pokémon in your party goes a long way towards making your battling companions feel like real living creatures with their own wants and needs rather than just statistic crunching battle machines.

The only criticism I could really make about Pokémon Ultra Sun is that while the story is likely the most complex and engaging story to grace any Pokémon game that I've played, at times—and particularly in the side quests—it takes a few rather dark and disturbing turns that don't seem very suitable for children. One part in particular that stood out to me involved rescuing an abused Vulpix (which is an adorable little fox pokémon, for the uninformed) and then having to go visit the poor traumatized creature at a rehabilitation clinic every day for most of a week to help it begin to overcome it's fear of humans and start doing basic things like eating and going outside again. There's a lot of really sad and emotionally charged storytelling in the game like I've never seen in a Pokémon game before, and while I applaud the writers for the more mature storyline I'm not sure some of it is appropriate for their target audience. Melancholy moments aside though, Pokémon Ultra Sun really is a wonderful game and I've been having a fantastic time playing through it.

As far as the misses' gaming time for the past week, aside from a bit of Atari 7800 the only game she played was Sonic Colors on the Wii. She got a copy of it in the mail early on in the week and spent a little time every evening playing a few levels here and and there until she got to what appears to be the final level last night. She's not quite done with the game yet but I imagine she'll probably finish it up next week, seeing as how it looks like she's pretty close to the end. So far her overall impression of Sonic Colors is that it's a beautiful and mostly well designed game (vastly better than Sonic and the Secret Rings, for sure) but there have been some major difficulty spikes here and there that left her pretty frustrated and annoyed, mostly due to the game asking you to do sequences of very precise platform jumping with not-so-precise controls. With that in mind, Sonic Colors has been a mixed bag for her so far. Not quite as good as good as Sonic Unleashed but definitely a major improvement over some of Sonic's other more recent outings.

Looking ahead to next week I think it's pretty safe to say that the misses will be finishing up Sonic Colors and I'll be logging a good bit more time in Pokémon Ultra Sun, though I should play some Tower Toppler for the Atari 7800 High Score Club as well. I know the spousal unit seems pretty keen on trying out Tower Toppler too, so maybe we'll sit down and play some Atari 7800 together again next week between our modern gaming sessions. Until next week, best wishes and happy gaming to you and yours! :)

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Here are my times on modern systems for this past week (January 8th through 14th)...


Android phone:
Crazy Taxi: City Rush - 56 min. in 5 sessions


Online (Kongregate):
Papa's Pancakeria - 98 min. in 4 sessions



Stockstream - 181 min. in 6 sessions


I continued to play the games I've played last week. In Crazy Taxi: City Rush I'm still at the Uptown area, while in Stockstream there's a new feature showing the Top 25 traders scrolling through on the left, limited to those players who have bought and sold at least 10 shares in the past week... sadly there's only 24 players who did this, so the 25th shown actually only did 9 trades.


What I didn't play last week is Papa's Pancakeria, a time management game where you get to make pancakes and toasts with various ingredients and toppings in a restaurant for guests, always striving for perfection and fast serving times.

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I played a few modern games this week and finished a few too :) Accounting+, Asemblance, Flipy’s Tesla, Ghostbusters VR Firehouse + Showdown, Manifest 99, Roller Coaster Legends, and Soul Dimension are knocked off my PSVR backlog, and nonVR Virgina was also finished. Most of my time was spend on Gunscape however which is funny as I’d passed it up in a couple previous PSN sales but finally grabbed it and really liking it :) The campaign is well constructed but where the game really shines is the ability to create your own maps and campaigns and share them with the world and to play others creations.


Wonderswan Color


Run=Dim Return to Earth – 10min

Judgement Silversword – 36min



Accounting+ (VR) – 95min

Asemblance – 45min

Flipy’s Tesla (VR) – 18min

Ghostbusters VR Firehouse (VR) – 15min

Ghostbusters VR Showdown (VR) – 14min

Gunscape – 370min

Kick Beat – 15min

Manifest 99 (VR) – 22min

The Rabbit Hole (VR) – 10min

Roller Coaster Legends (VR) – 10min

Soul Dimension Episode 0 (VR) – 20min

Transistor – 173min

Virginia – 86min

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