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Karl G

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I bought copies of Stella's Stocking and The Byte Before Christmas and played them over Christmas, and wrote reviews for each in the store. Both were very solid, and I enjoyed getting to try a bunch of new games all at once.


I was wondering if anyone was working on assembling (as it were) a new collection for 2018? It sounds fun to create and contribute a holiday-themed game for such a collection.

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Here's my holiday-themed collection:


AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2003 #15 Promotional Cart Only
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2004 #55 Holiday Qb
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2005 #110 Reindeer Rescue
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2006 #95 Toyshop Trouble
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2007 #79 Stella's Stocking
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2014 #175 Stay Frosty 2
Bad Elf 2017 #10 Hack of Activisions Keystone Kapers by Scott Dayton
Mean Santa Designed by Tim Duarte and Programmed by John Harvey
Santa's Helper #37 Christmas version of KABOOM! by Scott Dayton
post-21941-0-06894000-1514931843.jpg post-21941-0-40942700-1514931859.jpg post-21941-0-37936900-1514931875.jpg post-21941-0-24451500-1514931891.jpg
post-21941-0-42653400-1514931907.jpg post-21941-0-14008200-1514931919.jpg post-21941-0-28460000-1515019344.jpg post-21941-0-80000200-1514931935.jpg
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Funny, when I saw that movie title a couple of weeks ago, my reaction that I posted in a status update was that it should be a 2600 game. Hopefully this means that someone is actually doing or has already done it: :)

"Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". Now that's a movie title worthy of being made into an Atari 2600 game if I ever heard one.

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On 1/5/2018 at 11:55 AM, Atari Dogs said:

I made one for myself and one for a member here. Do a search for the game. The .bin is out there. My eprom programmer does not work anymore or I would make one for you. You may want to adjust one of santa's sleighs. One of the them does not align with the shot if I remember right.

Would you be willing to sell your copy...lol.


Just kidding, I already know the answer to that ?

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