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Goals for 2018 (intv speaking)?


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Most of my 2017 goals were admittedly, almost unobtainable, (Digiplay Pinball, Intellivision Inc Backgammon) so this year I have scaled back a bit.


1 - buy any new homebrews, keep them coming Rev.

2 - complete European Mattel variations, with slots in back and without.

3 - last few Mattel CIB games that mention KC, I still need Skiing, Football, Golf, Roulette and Backgammon

4 - early boxed UK system in good condition (the box with the "coming soon" games in top right corner)

5 - French Canadian bilingual Tandyvision in good shape

6 - go to PRGE again this year, stay a bit longer to see more of Portland, hopefully not pouring rain again this time.

7 - try to buy any new Coleco/CBS variations I've never seen before, saw one recently in an hugely overpriced lot of commons but wasn't willing to pay $500 for it,

another one a guy in Ireland swears is common there but I have only seen once before.

8 - maybe loose carts for my retro boxes of LF2, Spiker, Stadium Mud Buggies if price isn't crazy.

9 - more Bandai games.

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7 - try to buy any new Coleco/CBS variations I've never seen before, saw one recently in an hugely overpriced lot of commons but wasn't willing to pay $500 for it,

another one a guy in Ireland swears is common there but I have only seen once before.


what's the Coleco/CBS variation you're talking about? Curiosity killed the cat but not me... at least until now
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Here are some of my 2018 Intellivision goals.


Create some videos on Intellivision gaming topics for the Intellivisionaries youtube channel

1. how to configure and run jzintv

2. playing Intellivision games on retropie systems, including my Raspiboy

3. playing Intellivision games on a MAME cab


Finally get into Inty programming.


Find a couple more Intellivision flashback systems for cheap(-ish) so I can get some more spare controllers.


See if I can build a custom Vectron controller with a spinner.


Get to PRGE this year.


Get more than 6 episodes of Intellivisionaries out!

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1. Finally get around to buying GoSub before it's too late.


2. I'm to the point where most of the games I need are expensive, so I guess finally get started on some of those sports games I've been putting off.


3. Comment more here so I'm not just some weirdo lurker looking for problems with Intellivision store orders. It's pretty cool being able to talk about this stuff with people whose eyes don't glaze over when you start in.


4. Make it to Portland, finally. October always seems to be the worst month for me to travel, but here's hoping.


5. Get all my consoles working.

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In 2018 I plan to triple the amount for shipping on everything I sell online, especially to international bidders, because I am every bit the evil, greedy American jerkwad you think I am! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! :evil: :twisted:


Actually, I'm hoping to finish off the oddball pieces I am missing from my 121 this year. It looks like random stuff but once I clear this list I will own every original piece (that is known anyway) for the first run of the common and not so super rare games:


Melody Blaster - errata sheet

Mind Strike - gatefold box

Night Stalker - painted label cart

Tower of Doom - box without bar code on bottom flap. Should just say TOWER OF DOOM there.

1 gold (international) Parker Brothers game catalog

1 Sega warranty card (from Congo Bongo)

After that, I guess save up for one of the Final 4 in my signature but that would take me well past 2018, lol

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2018 & Intellivision.. It's pretty straightforward for me.


-more homebrews

-more mods/repairs/tinkering on consoles, controllers, etc.


-Raspberry Pi's/Ultimate flashbacks and getting other emulation to work

-aquire hardware that I don't yet own: system changer, ECS, keyboard synth, etc.

-chip away at my wanted list, working my up on a few more commons, and maybe a few select, rare titles, CIB or loose. Just depends if the price is right.. Though the LTO Flash has spoiled me. :P

-more time playing actual games!

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my personal goal for 2018?

stay cheap.


i'm happy that i will receive a LTO flash soon, that's goal enough for me.

playing more on my intellivision and finally starting to get interested in Atari2600 and Coleco (which i treated always bad because of the Inty).


Maybe it forces me to buy a Atari2600 and a Coleco.


Well and there is a third goal but i'm uncertain and i haven't the right money for it, a guy from germany sells a ECS on e-bay for €170 of which i guess it's fair.

Since two months i'm watching this offer.


But the topmost priority has to get me a recent computer and internet connectivity, else i can't go on here and with my projects for "Pioneer" resp. "Phoenix" which should revive Pioneer as i have seen it and as i believe what Tom Morton's idea of it was.



Really a spoiler, that isn't Intelli related at all, but it's what i do if i don't lurk around in forums.


Less fancy graphic stuff, more realism and top priority has still my idea to procedural generate missions (short stories).

This is certainly possible and i presented the idea which was born out of that i once made a boardgame, i used a lot of random stuff, prescribted on cards you draw based on this i thought it shouldn't be that hard once you got the skeleton for this. Missions are repetive stuff, only locations and contrahends will change for most, this and that random occasion will make the missions more interesting, NPC's to talk with which maybe aren't interested in you if you haven't a well reputation, for whatever either "good or bad", less good or bad except for pirating and even this is a role and neither good or bad, neither Imperials or federated should be rated as good or bad, two empires are enough i didn't think 100 factions make the game interesting. "I'm a Federal", "I'm a Imperial" or "I'm a Pirat", with this i can identify myself as a player.

Important are such things to me and not the models i make, they are secondary, they could be a box. Important is that when i chose a role i.e. as Imperial that i can't change this role so easy and will have to start at 0 with my reputation if i do so. only a "couple" of counters.

We use to make stories in our fantasy and i like to force this, i like to get into a state where players wil again identify with their role "i dumped today 10 tons of slaves, it was a great feeling".

But to make it multilingual totally crossed my idea, if i have to respect translations already when i start out it prevents me from doing this, it get's to complicated even to write a simple scripted mission respecting german to "mandarin", stay english goddammit.

In fact some games of the aera of second and third gen. consoles was more complex as the games we have today, i miss this.

graphic capabilities was bad but you can count +1 / -1 that won't need much.

This was the really inspiring games to me and not a "good conversion of a arcade game" which offers nothing as to blast a ton of aliens, that is fun and still i like it, but i expect more.


You see a lot of goals and anything else as "cheap", but neither i like to reach it in 2018, i'm aware that's impossible, it's a slow, a very slow progress i make, and the few FFED3D players worldwide still wait that i fill the game with the missing models, even this is a lot of work.




Good old First Encounters is still a good game, a brillant work of Mr. Braben and what the russians (Dreamzzz a 14 year old boy when he started out) made out of it.

Recently again in developement.

Some like me especially for my closeness to the british a bit dry style of art.





This isn't directly Intv related but to have a (halfways) recent computer and web connectivity is needed, else you won't here from me anymore and i can tell you right now that i will have a pause of probably half a year.

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if you have an extra I will gladly buy it.

unless it's $500 haha.

So I checked mine last night and it appears that you have discovered another variant! As I looked through them it totally made sense that this existed. I actually think it opens up the possibility of maybe 3-4 more French Canadian Coleco variations. ???

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what were the first Coleco games released? I have copies of Donkey Kong, Carnival and Mousetrap that have the smaller Coleco logo in the bottom left without the words

Manufactured by, I think these must have been the first versions since the newer ones like DK JR and Turbo have the larger logo with those words.


Do you have any other Coleco variations (not CBS) ?


















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My goals:

Not in any order...

1*) Not be the loud obnoxious jerk I was here on the forums that I was last year. I'm truly sorry.

1) Finally understand and figure out how to play ROMs

2) Complete the Activision CIB/NIB series

3) Complete Intellivoice CIB/NIB series

4) Start on the Sears NIB/CIB series

5) Keep up with the New Releases

6) Sealed Burgertime gatefold

8) Make it to PGRE this year

9) More trading with members!


Being part of the community here has been so fun! I really enjoy interacting with everyone here. Cheers to 2018!

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