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Muppet Go Round (5200)


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I guess you guys made up. (seeing as some editing obviously occurred in this thread)


Just curious, have any other 5200 Protos surfaced over the years that also "disappeared" again like this one did?


I was just joking with Matt. I can't think of another one, but I know of several ones for the 2600.

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I think muppet means Marionette/Puppet. Kermit is more than just a hand puppet. He also has a stick on his hand for additional movement. Some of the muppets (like Ernie and Cookie Monster) were operated by two people at once.


Kermit pre-dates Sesame Street. He was made from an old coat that belonged to jim Henson's mother. He made appearances on Ed Sullivan a few times.

Check these out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3liTqBxjgc

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