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1 hour ago, TheBF said:


 I think it's just  X  8 MOD   is the same as  7 AND. 

OK That will remove 3 more instructions.


I am pretty sure the fbForth DOT word for Bitmap graphics does something like this, but I should probably revisit the code to make sure. As I recall, it was pretty painful working with that code and it will surely take me a little time to reorient myself to it. :ponder:



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I was reading the site and saw @RXB 's post about how GCHAR in BASIC is being a pain the *ss in getting sped up.


 Out of curiosity I took this program in TI-BASIC

10 CALL GCHAR(24,1,X)
20 GOTO 10

And looked at the Classic99 Heatmap to see how much code was running. OMG.

That's a lot of stuff.


BASIC code heat map


My only point of reference of course is my system which I know does a lot less stuff than BASIC has to accomplish.

(parsing multiple reads in one call, floating point conversions, re0interpreting each time) 


The equivalent Camel99 Forth code is below.

It also calls the ROM "BREAK" routine with the ?TERMINAL key-word to be closer to the BASIC code. 

All that to say I am amazed that this so much harder for BASIC do faster than the stock code.

But I know Jack Squat about the innards of the GPL interpreter. 


: GCHAR ( x y -- char) >VPOS  VC@  ;
: RUN   
       0 23 GCHAR X !  
    UNTIL ;



Forth code heat map


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Here is something I have just started using that is almost as convenient as a cartridge.


I compiled my Super-Cart development system version (tools, assembler, vocabularies, elapse and ANS-Files) as UTIL1,UTIL2 

If you put these two files on DSK1 you can start Forth with four keystrokes under Editor/Assembler in Classic99 or on real hardware with Supe-Cart installed.


From the title screen press 2,2,5,<enter>





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