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Did everyone get Atari games for Christmas?


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Sort of. I snagged a copy of Tapper off eBay while I was shopping for other people as a little treat to myself, but it came while I was out of town so I didn't get it until I came back home a few days later.

I've got a NIB Compumate making its way to me from Venezuela right now, as well. I've wanted one forever, because I've apparently always wanted to turn my Atari system into a Timex/Sinclair 1000 with even lower text resolution and no support for RAM expansion or peripherals, with which I can program games that can't sniff the quality of even the worst games I could play on cartridge in the first place. :P :-D

But, I did get Bigflap Attack for the TS1000 (speak of the devil!) and Super Street Fighter II Turbo for 3DO. :)

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O.T. but - still waiting on my ultimate Atari present.....was due to arrive at my local port 5th Jan but no sign yet.....an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet.


Costing me a packet with shipping from US to UK + import tax. Can't wait. Have been sent various pieces of paperwork in the last week so it is due......

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