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There were times in which I tried and wondered when I have two sets of 'alphachars' when one didn't work properly. For example, let's say you were creating an adventure game. You wanted to use a secondary 'alphachars' file for text only in case you run into a villager. The 'alphachars' for the field display correctly, however the ones for the town are, in fact, look like letters. Even with using the "characterset" code before the 'alphachars' code, it still didn't display properly; still just text icons in place of actual tiles.

While looking at my notes, the order is important in the code, but I had no idea it was also important in the 'incgraphic files' too!

The above is an example. I copied and pasted an 'alphabet_8_wide' file and renamed it to 'palm_rock_tiles' to use it as it for text to display. Note that the incgraphic file 'palm_rock_tiles' is now an image with all text. As you can see, it's listed above the actual 'alphabet_8_wide' file because that uses the 'quest_tiles' file .

Before knowing, I had the 'palm_rock' file below the alphabet_8_wide file. Which is why I saw text icons instead of actual tiles. Not to mention that also when I "talked" to a villager, the text was properly displayed.

So order is also important in the incgraphic list as well.

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