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I have been trying to get MULTIPLAN loaded into my HSGPL card with little success. I got the cartridge dumped and everything appears to work fine until it attempts to access the TIMP disk. I thought that it might be some obscure interaction between MULTIPLAN, my HSGPL card, and my AVPC 80-column card. I have spent the last couple of days searching various publications to see if there was a patch to mitigate the situation. While going through some of my documentation (I never throw away anything), I came across a rather obscure letter from the Great Gazoo. It seems that there is a similar problem with MULTIPLAN and the P-GRAM+ card. The problem is not some interaction between the cards in my P-Box but rather that MULTIPLAN has the hard coded addresses for the GROM accesses in the MPINTR file in multiple places. As luck would have it, there is, indeed, a patch. A program was written called PATCH_MP that seeks out the addresses and changes them to whatever bank you want it to run from. The only limitation is that it was written for the P-GRAM and will only do four pages. (i.e., Page one equals Bank0, Page two equals Bank1, etc.). So, I ended up installing MULTIPLAN in Bank3 on my HSGPL card and moved XB 3.0 into BankA. Now, if someone wanted to modify PATCH_MP to accept values up to the full 16 banks of an HSGPL card, that would be outstanding but I can live with what I have. The Great Gazoo's legacy goes on and on!!! If anyone wants a copy of PATCH_MP and the docs, send me a PM. :)

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here Multiplan for the HSGPL Card, when you have load Multiplan in the Bank 4 from the HSGPL


Start -> FCTN + Shift for TI-Basic





FCTN - + / Quit and hold SHIFT


now select 2 for Multiplan and Start DSK1 (Multiplan Disc)







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I have MULTIPLAN successfully installed on my HSGPL card. I added almost all of the enhancements (i.e., 80-columns, PIO, and DSK2). I elected NOT to add the slash zero since I didn't find it particularly "aesthetically pleasing". I will have to compare the patch generated by PATCH_MP and the contents of the MPINTR file from the above files. It loads from Bank 4 while the one I have loads from BANK3. If someone would like to modify PATCH_MP to allow patching in all 16 BANKS of an HSGPL card, send me a PM and I will email you a copy. As I said previously, the current version is limited to page 1-4 in the P-GRAM and BANK 0-3 in the HSGPL card.

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For any of you who happen to have either a P-GRAM or HSGPL card and are struggling with trying to get MULTIPLAN installed, here is a 'fix'. The utility on this disk PATCH_MP was designed to find and replace the GROM access that is hard-coded in the MPINTR file. It was designed specifically for the P-GRAM but it also works with the HSGPL card. The only drawback is that MULTIPLAN must reside in one of the first four pages/banks of the card (if any of you gifted programmers would like to dis-assemble the code and extend the patching capability of the program. please do so). Please post any revisions on this thread for the rest of the community.

The program will seek out and patch the GROM accesses in the MPINTR file on your MULTIPLAN TIMP disk. Simply copy the PATCH_MP file to a working copy of your TIMP disks and follow the screen prompts. Here are the corresponding page/bank #'s:


Page 1 of P-GRAM = Bank0 of HSGPL

Page 2 of P-GRAM = Bank1 of HSGPL

Page 3 of PGRAM = Bank2 of HSGPL

Page 4 of P-GRAM = Bank3 of HSGPL


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