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Atari 2600 Golf Wish List


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Hi everyone,

I've been a computer/video-game golf fan for...forever, but it wasn't until recently that I gave some serious playtime to the Atari 2600 Golf game. To my surprise...I like it! It may be a very simple representation of the real thing, but there is strategy involved and plenty of risk/reward situations. I actually found myself reacting out-loud to some of my shots...both good and bad.

Although I like the 2600 Golf, I could see that there are lots of ways that it could be improved upon. The only hack I could find was just for some color changes.

Here are some enhancements I had in mind, in order of importance (at least to me):

1. Increase the hole count to [18], with the option to play the front or back [9], or the entire course.

2. Have multiple players alternate on each hole, rather than having one player complete the entire hole before the next player is up. Since there would be more than one ball on the playing field at one time, each would have to be a different color that corresponds with the golfer's color.

3. Increase the maximum number of players to [4]. The most fun I ever had, playing retro golf games, was when myself and three of my friends would play Intellivision Golf...lots of cheering, whining and trash talk during those sessions.

4. Lastly, make the player's golf-club be a different color than the player.

Although I have no programming abilities, based on the amazing hacks that the programmers here on AA have demonstrated in the past, I would think that one or more of my wish-list suggestions would be fairly easy (of course I could be wrong).

I sincerely hope that one of our AA programmers would consider giving it a shot (no pun intended).

All the best,


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I have played My Golf and I agree that it is excellent game that includes several more aspects of the real game.

"...Is it multi-player?..." Yes. Here is a link to the instructions: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-my-golf_11755.html


However, I do appreciate the simple interface, as well as the view of the entire hole, in Golf.

Also, Golf is the one that could use an upgrade hack.


Thanks for joining the thread,


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