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Disk Error #163 - Trying to Download from BBS


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First of all, I am using an SIO2SD connected to my Atari 130XE to load BobTerm.


A few more details:


I am using a WiModem232 to telnet to Atari BBSes from the 130XE


I can connect fine, but when I try to download a file just to test it out, Im getting a Disk Error 163.


I am trying to save this to the SD card.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Are you using rverter kind of interface? I got problems when connected and then trying to do disk save or loads. If you are using rverter the sio needs to be shared. Rverter uses the motor signal to activate the serial communication to the RX TX signals of the rverter interface. When to write to disk the motor signal disconnects the RX and TX. The problem is that and some cases the motor signal is not connected so the serial interface is always using the sio bus and take it over.

I solved the problem by using a 74ls00 to disconnect the transmission and reception lines. Google rverter to find out how implement the work around with the 74ls00 if that is the case.

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