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One key not working on Apple IIe


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I just got myself an Apple IIe Platinum (I've previously owned a IIc and IIGS), and everything on it's fine except that the "5" key on the numpad does not work at all. This is not necessarily a huge deal except that the numpad is basically the entire reason I got a IIe Platinum over a regular IIe.


I feel like it's not worth returning over this, and I'd rather fix it. I've looked around and found mention of pulling on the switch 40 or 50 times to try to free it up, but that didn't work for me. It doesn't seem to matter how hard I press either; the key just seems totally dead. But *only* this key! All other keys are fine.


What could cause this, and is there any hope of fixing it?


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How is the keyboard held in there? This is my first IIe so I'm not exactly sure how everything goes together. I assume I need to take the top plastic case off the chassis, turn it over and unscrew it from the inside? It looks from photos on the net that it's just held in with four screws, correct?


I actually found a place that sells these keyswitches for $10, worse comes to worst. But hopefully it is just a broken joint.

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