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C=286-16 SL Ram Upgrade

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If it follows IBM architecture, then you should just be able to add the new SIMS so long as there is space. If you have 2 slots free then try adding the ram into those, but make sure the SIMS are an exact match (size, speed, chip count etc).

The only setup you may need to do will be in the BIOS - access that first and make sure the new memory is visible. The memory will probably be in bank 0 and bank 1.

This is based on experience of IBM 286's so no guarantees it will be exactly the same - but that's what I would try in the first case. It would be unusual for jumpers to be involved.


All the best

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I have added more ram into the four slots but the ram will not activate. I know that old Macintosh ram will ot work

and in the bios its not picking it up maybe its picky on the ram type i have tryde two kinds of ram makes but both fails

be good to get into high ram and do more with it and faster. thank for more info.

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A 286 CPU should be able to access and utilize up to 16mb of ram. It's probably a good idea that you match the existing SIM size in MB, and obviously make sure your new pair are an exact match. Mixing 1mb and 2mb pairs for example may not work.


Try swapping the banks around, or boot up with only your new ram installed and see what happens. You may need to access somewhere specific in the bios to make the memory visible, so try all options.

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