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Flashback Portable Accessories?

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Sometime in the past they had accessories included with them but not anymore other than the minimal usb charge cable. i recall they used to include an a/v cable to plug it into the TV and the device still retains that ability if you have one. I don't think they ever sold a case so that's up to you to find a fit that works. No one ever made a screen protector but I would think if you bought a large enough one for something like the Vita or even the Switch and then cut it down to fit you'd be good.

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The sunglasses soft case is a great idea! I'm going to dig one out tonight that will fit it.


I'm thinking cheap android screen protector off Amazon, cut to the right size.


Thanks for the ideas folks. Wish their were some genuine accessories for this little beast...


Actually I wish there was a $200 version of this that was accordingly high quality.

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Loving my flashback portable. Would love to get a carrying case for it (using a sock currently) and a decent screen protector.


Has anyone seen ANY accessories for this little $40 wonder yet?

I bought a cheap PSVita hard case for mine off Amazon: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/2796-long-awaited-atari-flashback-portable-is-here/?p=30272

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Did the screen protector today. Took an extra old tablet protector and cut it in a nice square to fit the screen. Took some time to do it right and no bubbles! I will say it cuts down on glare and makes the viewing at angles better for some reason.


I definitely recommend this, i'm not worried about scratching the screen anymore!



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