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My (Apple) collection - and a short Hello!


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Hey Atari friends (and others).


I just want to introduce myself and my little collection:


- Lutz, in the 50th, living in Germany close to Cologne

- I am an Apple user since the early 80th. My father bought me an Apple II clone due to I needed one for school (USCD Pascal, Fortran 66, etc). This clone was exchanged by an original Apple II within weeks due to issues on the motherboard.

- For my studies at polytech I bought me an Atari 1040 MegaSTE 1 (w/4MB and an SCSI drive of 250 MB) - almost needed for running Signum 3 for my scientific papers.

- All computers have been given away at the end of my studies, due to I needed an 486 (running Fortran 77, etc. - my first customer engagement made it necessary)

- After a few (about 20...) years I bought an Apple //e and failed in love, again.

- Still programming (6502 assembler) and playing (ok, as fare as this is comparable with playing on Atari systems)


My collection as of today:

- 3x Apple ][+ (one on my exhibition tables) with Monitor 2 and DuoDrive

- about 7 Apple //e (obviously all different production lines - one for the exhibition table ;-) with LCD monitor and FastChip (a2heaven)

- 3x Apple //e platinum (converted PDU, two are spare systems for the running one)

- 1x Apple //c (with LCD, too. The original monitor still works, but the LCD one is much more nice)

- 1x Apple /// with Monitor /// and Profile (5)

- 1x parallel Apple Printer

- 1x Lisa 2 with Profile (and internal HD)

- 1x 1040 STFM (mint condition - the pre owner did not unpack it as it seems to me)

- Atari 2800 and 7600 for my little son (and me)

- 1x TRS 80 1 (under construction)

- 1x TSR 80 CoCo

- 1x Laser 128 (still under construction, one key is missing...)

- and my beloved Vectrex with a lot of original games, but the MultiGame card, too.

- ok, and an Apple G5

- I owned all Mac Cubes, which I had to give away (my wife wasn't willing to have them in our living room any longer ...)

- A mass of interface cards for Apple - some very rare (like a magnetic bubble memory, //e testing card, ...) and disk drives

- A lot of books - I love them, though I have PDF copies from asimov etc. on my file server


It is not much, but enough to fill 2 tables (I will add a photo)




.:. lutz

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