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Andrew Davie

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I'm having a cleanout and decided that stuff that I've had in storage for (almost) decades is rather pointless keeping. I'm in Tasmania so this will be most suited to Aussie people, but nonetheless some of it came from the USA so you never know there may be people as fanatical as I who want some. I will update the list as I find the time, but basically ALL boxed.




A couple of woodgrain '2600 machines.

A coleco expansion unit


A few Magnavox Odysseys (original version). These are big-ticket so don't get your hopes up.

A magnavox odyssey rifle - minor damage


A Bally Astrocade and a bunch of games




A sega genesis

A sega megadrive 2

A sega SG1000 - I think - can't be bothered right now to check exactly


An Intellivision


Some very early pong-type machine



Some esoteric stuff -- more to come.


A prototype Krokodile cartridge development system that I used when first programming Boulder Dash prototypes



That's about it. Please be aware postage will be expensive, depending on your location of course.

I'm going to be realistic about prices - these aren't free but I'll definitely make it a bargain for you if you're local.





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