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Identifying this joystick?


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I can't find info about this joystick.




I thought I had seen it on a listing, but I can't find it now. It feels like a Spectravision Quickshot joystick. It has microswitches and the parts inside the handle look like a Quickshot. It has TURBO on the side, but no other brand markings. It also has a 15 pin connector.


I picked it up at Goodwill assuming it was an Atari style 9 pin joystick. When I got home, I noticed it was 15 pin. Searching the internet for "TURBO joystick" lists every joystick but this one.


Anyone know what it is and if I can mod it to 9pin or use an adapter?

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Looks like a Quickshot/Competition Pro knock off from China. There are a lot of unknown brand sticks floating around. 15pin is for an old IBM clone and I think enhanced ports from some Atari PC's?. This might help.




After looking a little further, it looks like a blaster, made by some company named Leader in Italy? One sold on an auction site and looks identical....


Here is the picture..




Here is the sale...scroll down a little bit.



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That's the one. The writing on the box suggests to me it was sold in Italy, so that might be why I had a hard time finding it on English websites. There's a version I found with a DB9 connector. Ebay1. Ebay2.


Mine is missing the little turbo switch though, so maybe I can scavenge the parts to replace the thumb microswitch in my Quickshot II Turbo. It's been sticking open. The internals look just like inside the Quickshot II Turbo, so I wonder if it's just rebranded with a slightly different form factor.


Or, I'll mod it to be a 9 pin. Not sure what to do with it yet. It was a $5 gamble.

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