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Amstrad CPC6128 and Spectrum+3 floppy drive


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Not really sure if this is the right place to ask such a question .. but, here goes :)


Does anyone know if the floppy disk drive unit fitted into an Amstrad CPC6128 and Spectrum+3 are fully compatible, i.e. interchangable with each other? I've had a look and the pinout connectors are the same, as is the power lead. And obviously the floppy disks themselves are the same size (3 inch)


The scenario is I have a working Spectrum+3, and a CPC with faulty drive. So I wondered could I just swap them around? I have some Amstrad games on disk and no other way of loading them.. short of buying a replacement drive or computer. But if the drives are one and the same, then I could just swap temporarily.


Thanks for any help!

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