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Is it possible to have more than one system connected to one


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I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but here goes:


I have 2 TVs in my room. One has a Sony Playstation connected to it and the other has an Atari 7800. I am in the process of possibly obtaining an Atari Jaguar. I don't wish to buy another TV just for the Jaguar so I want to know if it is possible to have 2 systems connected to one TV and have some sort of switcher where one system is active and the other system is inactive.


I don't want to have to re-arrange cables each time. Is something like that possible?


Thanks for your time.

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There are many different s-video switchboxes on the market, I have two by Sony which have four composite/s-video inputs and one by RCA that has six inputs (I belive) and can be operated by remote (although I never use it that way). I definitely recommend getting a switchbox that supports s-video as Chris suggested, especially if your TV has s-video inputs.


Here's a page from Best Buy's site that lists four different A/V switchers they sell:


Best Buy - Video Switchers



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It is absolutely possible.. I have a $20 Pelican S-Video switchbox (look near the Playstation 2 stuff, it's in a "PS2 blue" box) with my Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Jaguar, and Nintendo 64 conencted to it. The output feeds into my VCR, which also has my 4-port 5200's funky switchbox and a cable-ready manual switchbox connected to it for my 7800.


I have several systems "on deck" with this setup.. since I can just move the video cable from the N64 to the SNES, I can quickly switch between the two.. and just moving the RF cable from the 7800 to my Intellivision, NES, or XEGS I can have those ready quickly too.

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