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Star Wars Battlefront 2 vs Rogue Squadron 2


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Leaving aside the pay-to-play of the multiplayer, how is the campaign, especially the spaceship bits?


I still fire up Rogue Squadron 2 every once in a great while, I just love Arcade-y starship combat in that universe.


(I just got a Switch, which I conceptually love but besides Odyssey have only played the Blaster Master Zero remake. I feel like I have a kind of distant relationship with modern gaming, just dabbling in wide open sandbox games now and then...)


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The spaceship bits LOOK great, but they haven't hung the campaign or arcade mode on them. Rogue Leader is a better single player game despite looking old and busted in comparison.


All I want is the mode from 2005 SWBF2 where you fly out of your capital ship, dogfight with the enemy's fighters, go into their hangar, get out, and shoot things up inside their capital ships. Doesn't seem so hard, does it?

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