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So I decided to change the name of the game once again to "Kevin Vs. Tomatoes." Today's work on it was an experiment to see if I could get a different starting X position to the tomato. This took about 3 hours of testing, going back & changing stuff in the code, and retesting and changing stuff in the code and retesting and repeat ad nauseam. But I finally think I did it. The only problem is that the collision detection got all screwed up. At least I know how: I was testing the first starting point of the tomato. By changing the first starting point of the tomato, I screwed it up.

    lisu    6    lisl    3
What I need to do now is figure out how to make that variable a variable I can easily check with bz. But I don't know how to do that. It's a miracle I even got this far. I am, however, learning a lot by doing this. It was like my assembly coding for the Atari 2600, only different, (and a lot harder.) But I do see some similarities. So I emailed e5frog again. Hopefully he doesn't get too annoyed with me as I am learing how to do this.

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