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sources of jaguar instruments

Nicholas McColm

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this is the place to post research on the sources of instrument samples used in jaguar games.

Currently the following information is available:

*the ports of Wolf3d and doom contain samples from the roland sc55.

*the instruments heard during the "have you played atari today?" screen sound very similar to Super Mario World.

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I think unless you are the person who made the sample, it's going to be pretty much impossible to say 100% where the sample came from. Unless it is 100% binary identical to a specific released sample. A lot of tracker modules used samples from the Amiga Tracker samples libraries, you can hear this in a lot of older mods, there are some fairly classic samples in amongst that lot. Of course there is/was nothing to stop someone making their own sample or using samples from other sources and mixing the two within a piece. So there is again no real way to say 100% where each sample has come from, a single musical piece may be made from multiple sources also.



few 1000 samples in there if you want to listen :)

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