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A Question About Some RAM Chips...


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Well I was back in the attic (sorry for those that are sick of this) and I found a cardboard box (about 4" x 4" x 4") full of RAM chips.


Most are 16K, 64K, 256K type chips, but I found 24 each of the following chips:




And 16 each of these:




I'm assuming that these got mixed in with the Atari RAM and came from IBM type clones. Can anyone shed a little light on this assumption.


The rest of the chips in the box were:

48 16K Chips, 64 64K chips, and 24 256K chips

I may have been replacing MT chips and/or doing some RAM upgrades, because the vast majority of the 16K and 64K chips are MT42 series.


Thanks for any info,



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You clearly led an interesting life back in the day. It's amazing that you keep "finding" stuff that you don't really remember. I imagine you could tell some good stories about your experiences. You should consider starting a topic about that. (I would find it interesting...)

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