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Sorry for the bump....I've never explored this part of AtariAge before and missed this topic.


Cuphead is the main reason I wanted an Xbox One. I loved the game. It was certainly tough, but the unlimited lives make it much more manageable than it could be. Like everyone else, I adore the art style. Hopefully they're working on a sequel...

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Make the mausoleum levels and run 'n gun levels a priority, since they will get you some new abilities or the means to buy new abilities. Use those new abilities to experiment in the levels you're having trouble with. I found the abilities that give you one more hit point at the cost of attack power to be quite useful. The attack that's like a short-range spread gun worked well for me as an alternate attack, and I also found the boomerang attack helpful in a few levels. I was eventually able to beat the game just through perseverance and a bit of experimentation, and I'm generally bad at sidescrolling run 'n guns. I've actually never beaten a Contra game without cheating.

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Found this at a Gamestop (they bought ThinkGeek recently), and thought I was overspending at $20. Apparently it was on clearance, as it rang up at $10, so steal! :P

The box has a nice raised / embossed print too, good stuff all around. Recommend a trip to GS if you want to nab one on the cheap.



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