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Where to find Indus GT v1.1 ROMs


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I saw a thread over at Lemon64 from back in 2012-ish which intimated to a v1.1 ROM for the Indus GT. Mine currently has v1.0. I checked over at Zimmers and worked a little Google-fu but was unable to turn up the goods.


Does anyone have the v1.1 Indus GT DOS ROMs? I am assuming the Indus JiffyDOS is built from v1.1, which I have considered obtaining from Brain.

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I will do that, thank you. But I just reassembled my drive and set it aside. I am expecting to receive a replacement power jack so I will dump them when I put it back apart to fix that -- should be early next week if not this weekend (depends on how fast Mouser ships.)

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Attached are the dumps of the ROMs marked v1.0.


I would not mind having the v1.1ROMs, though I have no real reason since I have no idea what the revision includes. In any case, I am also considering grabbing the JiffyDOS images from you.


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Tell you what... I understand why these were called the "Ferrari" of Commodore disk drives. Aside from the speed and extra features, this thing is built very well. Ignore the fixes on the under-side of the board. TWO 7805 5VDC regulators, tough drive mechanism which feels like a single solid unit*, folded metal chassis, spring-loaded cover with a little miniature piston -- this thing is really quite solid.


I had to replace the power port on mine as it appears to have suffered some abuse. Was fun to pull apart and re-assemble.



* so many drives I have handled fell like at least one part just wiggles around loosely.


I am looking forward to seeing what is inside my Atari IndusGT.

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