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What happened with Digital Press?

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Back, before I had to quit the hobby due to my life being turned into a mess in around late 2006, Digital Press was a very active website. With a fun chat room on IRC I used to visit a lot. There always seemed to be discussion. I also, had an account here, (This same one!) but was mostly a lurker. I returned later last year / early this year to the hobby now that my life is back on track, and...


Well Digital Press Forums seem super dead. What I understand is, the owners started a brick and mortar store with the same name, and dropped the forum for a bit but then someone else took it up? Or they just run it without moderation or something?


Anyways, I re-settled back here on AtariAge since this place seems super more active than my old stomping grounds of Digital Press.


Basically just wondering what other peoples takes on that is?

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It's all there in the forums if you dig about a bit. Basically the brick and mortar guys wanted to kill it, but someone else agreed to maintain it as an archive with a only lightly active forum. Then the bills didn't get paid and it all went down for a minute, but it got put back up basically as archive only at this point. It's a ghost town now. I think it just outlived it's usefulness, like MySpace.

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