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Is this the correct scart cable?


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Hello..... I've decided to start upgrading the picture quality of my retro gaming consoles. Im working on my Jaguar now. I picked up the little black box to go from scart to hdmi. (The ones that were suggested in You tube videos.) I now need the scart cable. Is this the correct one from retro computer shack? The reason for asking is this statement he has on the item:...... To be on the safe side, I thought I better ask you guys before placing my order. Thanks for your help.


This lead is designed, tested and sold, only for use with a TV fitted with a Euro type RGB Scart Socket.

I can't provide any support, when using this lead with any type of video converter, or adaptor,

as they are often very difficult to get working with Retro Computers and Games Consoles.





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Yep, says Atari Jaguar on it, so must be the right one! :lol: (It really is)


Oh, I see now where you're going to use an HDMI adapter.. please be sure to let us know if you experience input lag using a flatscreen. Seems to be mixed opinions on that subject. Especially noticeable when playing the pinball games... Pinball Fantasies or Ruiner. Your TV might have a 'game mode' that turns off a lot of the processing, so should help reduce lag anyway.

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I used to have a RCA (phono) AV cable from the same company. I bought a Scart (with CSYNC). The quality was way better. However I don't know if it works with an HDMI adapter. I would have thought it would be not much, if at all better. Let us know how it goes. BTW, I have it plugged in to a 22" Flat screen.

Also not sure about 'interlaced' mode on the Jaguar side. Haven't tested that yet.

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