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'Battle of the sexes' was complete, is it available?

high voltage

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Michael Case (programmer): The only game other than Harem that I completed was Battle of the Sexes which involved male and female figures coming together from the top and bottom of the screen, to either shoot each other or screw each other. The owners kept the only copy. It wasn't as good. It was basically like Pong. I knocked it out in a few weeks so we could say we had two games when we approached distributors.



​I already own Harem, which is a good game, and according to the programmer, 'the owners kept the only copy' of Battle of the sexes.

Was it ever dumped?

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Sadly, Battle of the Sexes is almost certainly lost.  I tried for years to track down former Multivision president Eugene Finkei, who supposedly kept the only known copy.  I eventually was able to get in touch with his grandson, who confirmed that his grandfather passed away several years ago, as I had long suspected.  Michael Case also confirmed that he long ago tossed anything he had related to the game (such as source code or graphic artwork).  So at this point, it's highly unlikely we'll ever see this one.

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