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'Mini' AV2HDMI adapter comments


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For the last few years I've connected my old consoles to a 15" LCD TV. This TV has the advantage of allowing RF, AV composite, RGB component, and HDMI connections. (No S-video). Although it has a nice image, the screen size seems puny.

I also have a 27" Dell monitor with speakers. It has a great image, but only HDMI inputs. I decided a few weeks ago that I was tired of squinting at the relatively tiny 15" screen, and bought a cheap AV2HDMI converter off Amazon for only a few bucks:post-8320-0-12662100-1516507311_thumb.jpeg

This converter has many sellers: I paid just $8 US plus a few bucks shipping for mine. I should warn you that it took -31- days to arrive from China, so if you're in a hurry, be sure to ask the seller where the order ships from. I could have gone with a domestic seller for about $15 more, and received it much quicker.

When the converter finally arrived, I connected it, and both video and sound worked immediately with zero muss or fuss. I saw some reviewers complaining about lag, but honestly I can't see any at all; I suspect that the lag they are seeing lies with their new larger screens, rather than this device.

The converter did include a very short USB cable, but no USB charger. I use a spare from an old phone.

It was very cheap, but it isn't perfect: The old 4:3 video gets stretched to fill the widescreen (but I could correct this to 4:3 in the monitor settings). I don't see any difference between 720p and 1080p. And remember that this won't give you HDMI quality video; it only converts the old school AV video to a format that works with HDMI. I find the image quality is about the same as using the 15"; in fact I think the image is slightly less sharp, but then again I am now looking at the picture at almost twice the size it was before.

Overall I am happy with the larger image, and I figure this was well-worth the low dollars I paid for it.

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I did the same thing back in July last year, I had bought a set of AV cables from the UK and then ordered one of these cheap AV to HDMI converters off amazon (tho I paid like $18 for mine). I wanted to be able to play it on my 65 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma in my basement. I was very happy with the results, tho it was a tad blurry around the edges at that screen size. But being able to play the jag on a huge tv was a bonus and I really enjoyed it! I did not notice any lag issues either as you mentioned, also no scan lines at all. I too noticed absolutely no difference between 720 and 1080 modes when switched. Mine did come with a super short cable and no AC plug so I used one from an old cell phone also. For anyone wanting to play their Jag on a larger screen these are awesome!


Here are some pics I had taken of it on the TV for anyone wanting to compare to whatever they are using:







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Yep. I agree that edges are not quite as sharp, but still a lot better than old RF. It was less than $10, and allows me to move from my old 15" TV to a very decent 27" monitor; any loss in picture quality is more than made up for with having a much bigger image sitting further away.


The next time I house-sit for some friends, I'll take my Jag over and tr using this to connect it to their 60" Samsung...

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