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some issues with 2 games


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I recently got an atari 2600 and some games all of them work fine except for Pitfall and adventure. Pitfall plays and looks fine but there is a sort of crackly sound in the background but only in colour mode. And in adventure in level 1 the dragon in the room with the black key just disappears witch is not supposed to happen. I cleaned the carts several times and it did not seem to do anything. here are some video clips of my games with the problems. Let me know if you know anything



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I had some crackling background noise in Pitfall as well. 5 different carts tried on several consoles produced the same kind of noise and only with pitfall. A few others have mentioned it to. Very odd and I'm not sure anyone has ever figured out why it happens.


EDIT - here's a thread about it - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/168933-pitfall-and-frying/?hl=%2Bpitfall&do=findComment&comment=2992818

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