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Atari 800 xl with SIO2PC 1050 disk drive +


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Posted to EBay.

eBay item number:192432666898


Atari 800 xl 8bit home computer with DIY SIO2PC cable, 1050 disk drive, official power supplies for disk drive and system, manuals with Av connector, warranty cards and other literature, 15 floppies half licensed and 4 cartridges.

List of licenced floppies-

Atari writer Plus

Program disk 130xe version

Atari 810 / 1050 Master diskette II

Atari proof reader dictionary disc

Atari basic program


Soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, kickball ,Bristol's, hero, Quasimodo 2 Galahad ,tank commander countermeasure ,Springer, Lazer Gate ,oil wells ,River Rat, bus Quest quad run, quicks ,Porky's, cave Lord Pogo man, and counter, mr. Do ,Bruce Lee Sea Wolf, equestrian ,electrician, womper Stomper , fire Fleet, juice Legacy 2 ,Livewire Zeppelin, Dimond mine bug attack ,Shadow world , Boulderdash ,crystal Castle, rainbow wacker, hard hat Willy ,Stratus ,ghost chaser, past finder flip flop ,football, Fort apocalypse Lost Tomb ,spelunker, Valley Speedway, Speedway blast, Pole Position ,Pole Position designer Pit Stop ,Hazzard run, USA road race, New York ,Mario Brothers, jungle Hunt mr. Robot ,Pac-Man ,Miss Pac-Man, super Pac-Man ,Donkey Kong ,Donkey Kong Junior ,super Breakout Frogger ,Leopold ,Avalanche ,,centipede ,Buck Rogers ,Moon Patrol, alien ambush ,Missile Command ,space shuttle, jawbreaker 2 and 3 ,jumbo jet pilot, Jumpman Junior ,JetBlue Jack ,fobos ,picnic paranoia ,Pinhead ,Ozzy's Orchard ,trick track ,Captain Cosmos ,Neptune's daughter ,Captain Bible.


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