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Temperature gauge project


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I recently completed the temperature gauge project for my TI system. I chose to mount the gauge in the bottom tray of my external disk drive enclosure. The probe is attached to the underside of the P-Box cover in the middle of the P-Box above a couple of half-height cards (i.e., RAVE Speech Card and SAMS card). By mounting the gauge in the external drive enclosure, it allows me to monitor the internal temperature whether the P-Box is on or off and it also serves as an indicator as to whether the drive enclosure is off or on (I have been known to forget to turn it off).


I have discovered a couple of interesting facts. First, there is really very little chance of the P-Box becoming overheated while it is in operation. I have discovered that the temperature is generally <80 degrees Fahrenheit while it is on with the fan running. However, there appears to be a possible danger of overheating once the P-Box is turned off. I have found that the temperature spikes 10 degrees or more once the fan stops. I wonder if it might be of benefit to mount a temperature-controlled fan on the outside of the P-Box to exhaust the excess heat. Still, it was an interesting project.




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I was surprised at the temperature increase myself. It was not so much that the temperature went up but more the fact that it went up 10+ degrees in just a couple of minutes. Since this is winter, the increase isn't as great as it would be in summer. That being said, an air-conditioned house might mitigate a rise in temperature. BTW, you can get a Chinese-produced mini-control module with probe for about $4 on Ebay. I don't know if it is worth the effort and trying to split power from my disk drive enclosure again for a muffin fan. I do have a couple of 12V fans that are gathering dust . . .

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That's very interesting. I mounted my 3 probes inside my 3 clamshell cards right above the voltage regs. They typically hit around 86 degrees F when in use. When I asked the community what too hot meant, I was told too hot to touch. After some research, too hot to touch is around 120 degrees F. And I'm in a very cold (during the winter) and air conditioned (during the summer) basement. I've seen the temp gauge go as high as 96 degrees once. And it settled there for the rest of my session. I'm guessing that inside the clamshell, so close to the regs, that the fan turning off won't raise those temps but a few degrees. But now you've got me worried. :)

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