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Who's the smartest


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The Tramiels didn't enter the picture until 1984, well into the later part of the 2600's lifetime.


Don't really know how much Alcorn was involved with the 2600 design. The two big players in the design of the 2600 hardware where Jay Miner and Joe Decuir.




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About the system itself or about programming the 2600? Joe Decuir knows alot about the actual hardware (you should hear him talk about it some time), but as for programming that's a toughie. Guys like Howard Warshaw, Tod Frye, Doug Neubuer, and David Crane really knew how to get the most out of the 2600 with programming tricks.


I wonder who is actually the smartest IQ-wise? Some of these guys are actually fairly well rounded and not just computer geeks, like David Lubar for instance who writes books now.



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