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movie streaming kernel through stella emulator


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Okay, Ive taken my previous simulations, and converted them to streaming 6507 kernel code, by recompiling the
stella emulator with a different system::peek() function, that streams KB's of data for each frame of the movie.

The kernel is (6 sprites + 5 colors) x 2 interleaved columns. One sound channel is updated each scan line.

The color/bw switch works.
The reset switch starts playing from the beginning.
The select switch jumps forward about 30 seconds and pauses.
Fire toggles pause/play.
Left/Right is backward/forward twice speed.

The kernel never branches, or JSR's, but has occasional JMPs to keep the PC in the first 1K.
Memory fetches to the next 1K encode the switch/joystick/fire information.

Eventually this will go into custom hardware that should work on any system, though
ZackAttack is working on a Harmony version that employs bus stuffing to get the full choice of colors per sprite.



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