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TexElec.com - TI-99/4a to Atari Joystick Adapter & More!


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Hello Everyone!


My name is Kevin Williams, owner of TexElec.com. My wife and I opened our store about 3 months ago and have been adding products as we can. I wanted to highlight one of our most popular products at the suggestion of one of my customers. That is our TI-99/4a Joystick Adapter! What is it? It's small circuit board which will plug into the side of your TI and allow you to use your favorite Atari 2600 style Joystick. It has two ports for two player games. No longer do you have to deal with the horrible TI joysticks! I think I have at least 5 pair of the old TI joysticks sitting around, and not one of them works completely. Initially, I built this for our use but realized that it would be great for anyone to use. In three months we've sold at least 50 of them, and I wanted to get the word out!






We also sell them on eBay, but they are cheaper on our site since we don't have to pay eBay fees! Please take a look!


In addition we have licensed several boards from James Pearce of Lo-Tech.co.uk. We now manufacture the popular Lo-Tech Compact Flash Adapter, the Lo-Tech 1MB RAM board for XT's, the Lo-Tech 2MB EMS Board, the Lo-Tech ISA ROM Board, as well as the Lo-Tech MIF-IPC board! We are also building our own projects and have PCBs on order now for a board I'm sure will draw some interest! Stay tuned.


We just released our second original board last evening, the 8-bit ISA Prototype Card. It used to help DIY'ers easily build and test their own I/O port device. It has uses a 74HCT688 to decode whatever port you like, and a 74HCT245 bus transceiver. It has many more features, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in, take a look here for a much better description of the board's features: https://texelec.com/product/8-bit-isa-prototype-card-v1-0-pcb/


I've been a long-time lurker on the AtariAge Forums and find it to be one of the best sources for information covering the whole gaming sphere! Thanks to everyone for making this a great place to be, and thanks for all of the support we have had so far from our customers. We hope to be a great source for Vintage PC DIY and more as we expand!



-Kevin Williams

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The adapter looks nice and compact (and nice inclusion of the diodes!), but wish new products like this came with color-matched shells. Black or beige in this case. Not only for aesthetics, but so you're not putting marks into the side of your system as you insert joysticks. Could always put a rubber adhesive pad behind the solder joints, but still... an appropriate shell would also help stabilize and reduce or eliminate flexing of the board.

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We could make them white as well, and I have been considering doing a run of them. Unfortunately, I've never seen beige as an option from any PCB manufacturer. As far as rubber feet, I recommend plugging the joysticks into the board, then into the TI. The port actually holds onto the board fairly well.




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Just ordered one from your website. Very easy to navigate and place an order. Thanks for offering this. I have a working controller set but I also like the simplicity/sturdiness of an original 2600 controller or Genesis controller. Good luck with everything.

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I've bought a bunch from this seller on eBay. The service has been great and the products awesome.


I love the old school IBM PC memory card and XT to IDE type adapter I've gotten pre-assembled from them.


@TexElec. You guys should look into producing a turn-key MiSTer FPGA board setup in a case!

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Hi Kevin. Your joystick adapter looks like a great product, unfortunately (for sales) I went the whole ATARI route as a kid, and never owned a Texas Instruments computer. My childhood best friend did however, and I'll pass along the word to any TI peeps. My 2600 joysticks just plugged-and-played in my Atari800, and they never quit. I hear what you're saying. It's always good to see ventures/options like yours. Like you, I'm a new member to the boards, but have been lurking for years. Good luck with everything.

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