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Looking forward to new forum software


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Hi Albert,


Just wondering if there's any way we could help with the upgrade of the new forum software? Testing, troubleshooting, other stuff like that?


Last time I noticed a big change, I just logged in one day and saw "a fresh coat of paint" and everything pretty much just worked. I wasn't as active back then, however.


I don't know how difficult or time consuming the upgrade will be for you, and if downtime is expected. All I know is that I'm psyched about the prospect of a new responsive site that will be more functional on mobile than the current one.


If there's any way we can support you, please shout out!



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As I get closer to upgrading the live forum, I'll have a test forum setup running the new software. At some point I'll invite some people into that forum to help test it out, report any problems and make suggestions on how to improve it. I have a fair bit of work ahead of me before I get to that point, though. My plan is to devote focused attention to this task in about a month. I'm also waiting for Invision to release version 4.3 of the software, which includes direct support for ElasticSearch.


Invision completely rewrote the software from scratch going from 3.x (what we're running now) to 4.x. No existing third-party modifications (hooks, apps, etc) work, no existing third-party skins work, so all of these have had to be reprogrammed or recreated for 4.x. I have several custom modifications in the code here, such as the ability to give people permission to edit specific posts, or to set entire forums as editable (marketplace and programming forums, for instance). All of these will need to be recreated, which means I need to become familiar with the new software "under the hood" so I can re-implement these features. And I need to find suitable replacements for third-party software I've been using. And I plan on adding some new features that I've spoken about before, such as the "Downloads" module..


Should be interesting when the updated forum goes live, to say the least! :D



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