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M100 DVI Issue


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hi, all,

I’m having an issue with my DVI box and was hoping someone on this list could point me in the right direction or had suggestions.
I have a really clean DVI I recently purchased. The picture showed that it booted to the initial screen off of the boot disk, so I assumed the drive and the DVI itself were good. The seller did not misrepresent it. They showed it booting to the initial screen and did not test it further with an M100 and DVI cable.
I got a cable and boot disks (with backup disk as well) from someone else that was tested to be good.
When I hooked up the M100 and cable to the DVI, it indeed booted off of the disk. At that point, you reset the M100 and it’s then supposed to load further software off the disk and the screen of the M100 is now routed to the monitor, with more columns and rows.
However, when I reset the M100 nothing happens. It doesn’t matter whether I soft reset or hard reset.
To verify this setup further, I bought a second M100 and tried it to take that out of the equation. No difference.
I then got a second cable from the gentlemen who was making the cables to make sure the cable wasn’t the issue. No difference.
I can only conclude that there’s some inside the DVI box. The tests point to the fact that all other parts of the chain are fine: M100, cable, disks, disk drive.
Does anyone have any experience with the DVI box? I have the electronic form of the service manual, but it gets into electronic troubleshooting for which I don’t have the skills or experience.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Randy kindig
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