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2017 - 2018 7800 HSC Season Game 11: ASTEROIDS


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2017 - 2018 7800 HSC Season Game 11



Settings: ADVANCED

Contest Ends Midnight (PST)

February 11th 2018

Usual rules.

Current Scores

Dr Moocowz 43270 RECORD BREAKER +11 Congrats on your Record!!!! Good Game. =)

NIKON 38540 +10

oyamafamily 33200 +9

MrBeefy 25490 +8

roadrunner 17530 +7

LidLikesIntellivision 17480 +6

toiletunes 17320 +5

jblenkle 15850 +4

BydoEmpire 13410 +3

S.BAZ 8940 +2


Current Standings:

1. Trebor 171

2. oyamafamily 136

3. toiletunes 133

4. jin 120

5. Dr Moocowz 114

6. NIKON 97

7. S.BAZ 96

8. LidLikesIntellivision 68

9. jblenkle 51

10. BydoEmpire 50

11. Cousin Vinnie 42

12. Gorfy 39

13. MrBeefy 25

14. Dauber 22

15. Atarifever 18

16. PacManPlus 16

17.roadrunner 15

18. Mister-VCS 12

19. troff 3

Moderators Note : Next round marks a special occasion this season!!! 1 bonus point if anyone posts the correct answer.

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I checked the pinned posts but couldn't find anything referring to rules. I assume the usual rules means no cheating. Is there anything else I would need to be aware of regarding rules?




The only thing I will add to the rules is no old scores...only new scores

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13,410, not bothering w/ uploading my screenshot, I hope I can get in a few more games before the end.


This is such a difficult, painful, cramp-inducing game with the ProLines. For some reason my 2600 stick wasn't working with it, I'll have to try again with another one.

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Ow, my hand and wrist! I had to use the actual Pro-line controller. :skull:



OOOWWWWWIIIIIEEE!!!! When I had a console back in the day I would lay the painline on the floor with the stick to the right and use my foot to hold the controller and have both hands free...it takes about a minute to get use to the setup but once you, no more cramps or pain in da hand...you could also try securing the controller somehow on a table but that is a little extreme for this game.

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This was my first game with this controller I got in the mail yesterday. I like it A LOT since I've been used to NES style controllers for most of my gaming life. My wrist doesn't hurt and I'm sure I'll be posting another score soon as I play Asteroids some more. :) I just thought I'd share since I was very excited about it! :) Also, give a plug for DanthWader if you're interested in these for a future batch: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/275067-atari-7800-2600-sms-nes-style-controllers-v12/


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