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Sale/Trade Atari Jaguar Brand New games: Doom, Breakout, Double Dragon, etc


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I have several brand new sealed games for Atari Jaguar that I want to sell or trade for other Atari Jaguar games.


They must be complete in MINT condition or brand new. These are the ones I have with the price I am asking for sale:


Breakout 2000 ......... 140 USD

Zero 5 .......... 100 USD

Doom ............. 90 USD

Wolfenstein 3D .............. 75 USD

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls ........... 90 USD

Brutal Sports ....... 60 USD

Attack of the Mutant Penguins ..... 60 USD

Original RGB SCART cable used in perfect condition .... 45 USD


All games are brand new mint, Wolfstein has very very slight mark in the box (


The ones that I am looking for, although I could accept others in are brand new):


Power Drive

Protector SE

Missile Command 3D

Alien vs Predator



Pinball Fantasies


Defender 2000


I would be sending from Spain, I am new in this forum but have sold lot of things in other arcade/pinball (petacos.com fipkuje.fr...) forums in Europe, always use the same nickname.

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Just FYI, Breakout 2000 is currently listed on eBay for $125 new by Telegames. Songbird Productions has it in stock for $100. I'm vaguely interested in that and Double Dragon V, but I want used copies so I can play 'em.


Thanks for the information, in that case I prefere to trade than sell, in general I set high prices for sale, because I prefere to trade them.


Nice avatar, by the way !

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