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I bought one for 20$ (just main unit without the portable inside )


and one of these


added a raspberry pi

and now I have every neo game and more in it , and its not to bad


but the controllers feel very light and buttons are pretty mushy (compared to an original )

the shell itself on the main console is pretty crappy made from cheap plastic

mine was brand new and the stupid lid would pop open with any vibration

ended up having to use screws to keep it shut


I end up just using my mayflash f300 fight stick anyway due to how bad the included stick is



id say if you can get it for under 100$ it would not be bad but don't expect build quality like the original

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I enjoyed mine, I bought it about two years ago. There were a few issues with them at first but there was a major update to it that corrected most of them (the update comes with a cable with any of the extra games, and i see it includes one so it should have it). I believe some of the major complaints was the screen resolution was not matching the originals. I have never used it handheld, ive always had mine docked.

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The handheld itself is fine, but it will infuriate anyone who is a hardcore purist. It's not 100% correct but for a normal person looking to relive the games on there, or if you go the whole hack and put it all on there route it's fine. The problem mainly is the cheap flimsy joystick, but more so the garbage TV dock. The dock without the firmware update is very blurry and had like vsync tearing too I think. I believe it was so bad that maybe the RCA was nicer than HDMI or something about that bad. The handheld is one of the around 7 year old Dingoo handhelds in a SNK shell which has some hard limits on what it can do without eating it due to hardware capability limits. The hacked NG (or Dingoo) can do 8bit console, handheld, and old computer stuff fine, but if you get into 16bit and above it's hit and miss depending on the hardware (console or arcade.)

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