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Lynx 2 mod help


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Started the McWill lcd mod, and I got to the point to test the 5v and I noticed Im not getting any power.


Lynx was working fine prior to opening her up to mod, when pressing the power button it doesnt light up anymore (plug or batteries)


I know the power and mosfet is a weak point so just in case I ordered the replacement set from console5, could this be the issue?


however I dont know how to remove/replace the Q12 Component. Any advice or tips?

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Do you have 2 soldering irons? That makes it easier to remove components like that. Also add solder first then take one soldering iron on one side while the other on the back side of the surface mount transistor and just flip it over when all the solder looks melted. If using one you may have to turn the heat up and quickly swap back and forth back and forth to be able to get both sides melted enough to flip over(or in this case since one iron you have one hand free can hold the device with tweezers and just pull it out when both sides are fully melted and by both sides I mean the legs on one end and the ground on the back end) but it can be done that way as well but takes longer. However I wouldn't remove anything before verifying for sure what the problem is.

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