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4-port BIOS replacement guide for 2-port machine?


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To remove the shielding you need some needle nose pliers and you need to carefully twist the metal tabs back to be flat and parallel to the shielding side they are on. Once you have them all straightened out, then you carefull start to pull up on the shielding until it yields to your might. Once you have the shielding off it will be a cakewalk.

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I was finally able to get the sheilding off and the BIOS replaced. I tested Pitfall with top shielding off and it worked.


However, after I reinstalled the top shielding, I tried it again and now I am getting no power to the unit. No red light, no picture.


Is there anything I can check here or did I fry my system?

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If you are sure the shielding is in place correctly then it is possible the chip by the power switch button could have died. These old consoles are very static prone as well. ESD is a very real thing and it is the reason that Colecovision controller ICs mess up as well as the 5200's controller chips.


Anyway, take the cover back off and see if it will fire back up. If it does, then the shielding is making contact with somthing it shouldn't be causing a short.

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