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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Cruiz'in the InterWebs - February 2018 -Bubsy f


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Wow 2017 was one hell of a ride for Bubsy fans. A new release of a Bubsy game for the first time in the whole existence of the Bubsy Fan Blog (since 2008). And the twitter feed with none other than Bubsy chiming in, chats with "Bubsy", so much material there.

Also the Bubsy fan group "Bubsy Nation" became a term!

In the last year we saw a new speedrun milestone for Fractured Furry Tales of 36m 25s by KowalLazy. Congratulations KowalLazy!!

In the last year the Bubsy Wiki was also launched with a number (that we will hopefully laugh at later looking back at this ) of 85 articles. Looking good! I'm glad to say the Bubsy Fan Blog has been asked to be a part of the wiki development.

So as the twitter feed starts to quiet down, there was one last tweet from the Bubster:

Hopefully we'll hear more from Bubsy in the future. Of Woolie's Strike Back I think above all people agreed this was a step in the right direction, the character has been re-introduced to people in a positive way, so time to keep this momentum going.

Other news:
Bubsy Nation T-Shirts available again on Amazon.

Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle has been released for the Vic 20.

Sometime ago when I started playing with the Atari Flashback Portable I joked about hacking Fast Eddie into a Bubsy game so I could have a Bubsy game to play on the go for the Atari 2600. That version turned out great, and it's been fun hacking the Atari computer roms (800/5200) and now the Vic 20. Just as Bubsy is fairly infamous for video game mascots, it has been fun getting the Bubster on older platforms.

A respectful tribute of the character, and all the time giving a nod to the current Bubsy game to give some free press. ;)

Some have asked if I will sell cartridges of all these hacks. What I think would be hilarious is if Accolade was able to publish a limited release of these hacks through Atariage and have them officially added to the Bubsy mythology. Just sayin'. :D

BUBSY... OFFICAILLY RELEASE FOR THE ATARI 2600 and Vic 20 just 37 years after their hayday. :P

(Wow.. Fast Eddie (original game hacked is 36 years old as of 2018?) :o

Of course while I am perfectly fine (for the sake of Bubsy fandom and the irony of it all) to publish my fan hacks (just send me a copy and we'll call it squares) there is Sirius Software who originally wrote Fast Eddie. So there is that to be worked out.

At some point I really would like to hack the Fast Eddie for the Commodore 64. That is an amazing version of which Hack-O-Matic (that I used to hack the other four versions) sees nothing but gibberish. So hopefully time and input from the gaming community will reveal a solution for that in time.

In the meantime, the Bubsy Fan Blog has given a quick view of the Woolies Strike Back, and the other parts should be made soon..

Talk more soon!

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