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Best Glue for 5" Floppy Labels?

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I have no idea on the bleed-through, but anywhere I have needed glue but not super-glue I have been using Scotch "Create" permanent tacky glue. It is white glue and is marketed as "photo safe," found at craft stores for scrap-booking and such.


I have mostly used it to hold plastic or metallic labels and tabs. I suspect it would be good for paper-type products considering its prescribed use in-store.


Office Depot carries what looks to be a similar product which says it can be used for paper.


Actually, it looks like I cannot find the "create" product and Scotch's official website only lists the above glue. But the specs from the site say it will not bleed through paper.

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yep glue sticks, generic's work fine the elmers does tend to have a bit more of a grip


oh , elmers has a spray glue, I would not use any spray glue for labels or graphics as they tend to drip and while the spray doesnt effect the labels, the drips do... I learned that this past weekend, I use spray glue to stick stuff to my cutting mats so I can shove them through my knife wielding robot (vinyl cutter) so hey I have a can of that and I need to glue these paper labels.... splots everywhere cause the nozzle starts to clog and drops drips of pure water like glue. Luckily they were nothing I couldnt reprint as I printed them in the first place

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